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Have you ever found yourself trapped in a meaningless relationship? Or felt completely alone because you just can’t seem to find ‘The One’? 

your-soulmateHave you ever asked yourself, “Is my soulmate really out there?”

If you have, it’s more than likely because you’ve been unconsciously sabotaging yourself from attracting the love you’ve always dreamed of.

And you know what kind of love that is because you’ve seen it happen for others…

The blissful relationships. The Facebook pictures of kissing, laughter and playfulness. Perhaps even the news of a new relationship, an engagement, a wedding or even a baby…

If you’re like most people, you see this and feel like a double-sided coin: happy they’ve found their perfect match, but sad you haven’t found your own. You long for the experience of being blissfully in love. You crave the feeling of being touched, cuddled and eternally cherished.

Yet no matter how many boring or awkward dates you go on, no matter how far and wide you search, what remains consistent is that feeling of loneliness or incompletion.

“What will it take to find my soulmate,” you wonder. “What will it take to attract the love of my life?”

To find the answer, there’s a fundamental principle you must understand…


You will only attract the love you think you deserve…And have wired yourself to attract.

I know this because I’ve been in your shoes.

The danger is that you will experience the complete opposite of the love you desire if you are not vibrationally aligned to attract your soulmate.

I’m talking about finding someone who is emotionally unavailable, or a partner that doesn’t live up to your standards, or someone that leaves you high and dry, making you wonder how you can ever trust again. It might even be the simple experience of unrequited love – finding someone you think is perfect but because you feel unworthy, the hope and possibility of that love fades into memory as yet another lost dream.

The fact is if you can’t feel good about yourself, you won’t attract into your life a relationship that feels good either. 

But imagine for a moment we could take care of all that and it was no longer an issue…

What would life be like if you did find your soulmate? How would you feel waking up in the arms of someone who adores everything about you? How would your life change for the better?

I’m here to tell you that no matter who you are or what you’ve experienced, you deserve to have the most rich, fulfilling and ever-lasting love the Universe has to offer.

You deserve to be loved.

The good news is that my husband and I can show you how to attract this love into your life.

The question is, will you be open to the possibility that you can have the love you’ve always dreamed of?

Free 21 Days to
Attract Your Soulmate
Introductory Experience

Here are just a few of the things
people say about working with Sean and I:


Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of searching for ‘The One’ and only finding more pain? 

Within your soul is a powerful treasure map that is constantly evolving. During the evolutionary cycle it is either guiding you towards your greatest fears or your deepest desires.

The problem is that while most people have an idea of what they want, they try to manifest it from a space of longing and incompletion – the fear of living without. And no matter how hard you search, seeking from this state will only bring into your life either a love that is incomplete, or more experiences of longing.

Some call this the law of attraction. Others refer to it as the power of resonance. While others still just call it plain old common sense.

But what if this could all change?

What if you knew how to truly experience deep and profound love now and during the process of attraction so you could find the love you’ve always dreamed of?






Breaking the cycle means releasing the past

Again, it doesn’t matter what’s happened in your past. And it definitely doesn’t matter if you’ve had consistent patterns of attracting bad relationships or no love at all.

Through the dark times I manifested the momentum to blossom, grow and flourish in life – and I did this by embracing the past and then releasing it. Condemning it no longer had its place, as doing so was not the path to love. 

And I believe this could be the very same reason you’re here – you know it’s time to embrace the past and let it go.


Because your inner-essence is ready to bloom and grow into the person you’re meant to become. The very same person who ‘The One’ will be attracted to. So if you have been clinging to the past and unable to move on, I’d like to lovingly invite you to give it thanks for being your teacher, and finally give yourself permission to let it go.


How I manifested the love of my life after 9 years of an abusive marriage, and left the pain of loneliness behind me…

My name is Sarah Prout, and for 9 years I was in an abusive and disempowering marriage. Trapped in a cycle of self-rejection and the fear of being alone, I was constantly looking at others to “make me happy.” What I really needed to do was take responsibility for my own sense of well-being.

Ever feel empty? Invisible? Unhappy? Depressed? Sad? Lonely? Or even angry?

That was me on a daily basis. I had two beautiful children, a husband that irritated the crap out of me, and a ten-year history of bruises that would be imprinted on my body after our vicious arguments.

Year after year I would secretly plot my escape and plunge myself deeper into the hole of self-disgust.

On New Years Eve 2008, I pleaded with the Universe to take away the loneliness. I sat in the garden, crying, gazing at the stars and pleading to be sent my true soulmate.

By 2009, after an explosive ending, I knew it was time for my marriage to end. I just knew it.

And so with every fibre of my being I set the intention to change my life, lift myself out of the dysfunction and into a new chapter of my story.

With no money, no job, over $30,000 of debt and two little children to look after… I left the abusive marriage. 

Little did I know these would be the first steps towards the love of my life.

I Had to First Fall in Love With Myself…

Leaving my first marriage was the most empowering step towards freedom.

And I believe the Universe rewarded me for this act of self-love.

Since then I have had the opportunity of creating a beautiful relationship with myself through a combination of falling in love with who I am (including all my flaws) and learning to laugh at the “Divine Comedy” we call life.

After tasting the blissful freedom of living life on my own terms, I was truly able to focus on the process of magnifying attraction rituals, a process I teach my students, which eventually lead me to manifesting the man of my dreams, Mr. Sean Patrick Simpson, on Twitter.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to go through the pain and loneliness I went through to attract the love of your life. What you do have to do is learn how to raise your vibration to be in perfect alignment with the love you desire.

So why am I telling you all this? It’s because I’m about to show you how you can attract the love of YOUR life as well…

And best of all? I know for a fact you can experience this even if you’ve had a broken heart, lost hope, or thought that it’s too late…

Sarah Prout

Free 21 Days to
Attract Your Soulmate
Introductory Experience


It’s time to forgive yourself

In April 2001, I took this photo with my Mum on the day of my first wedding. If you look at my arm, you’ll see the bruises from my soon-to-be husband. Plus, I was nearly 5 months pregnant and only 21 years old.

“If only I loved myself enough to leave, I would have saved myself from years of pain,” I’ve thought in the past.

But that’s not what I think any more. Because despite the self-loathing I had for so many years, the fact is I wouldn’t be the person I am today, who was the one to attract my soulmate and second marriage, if my former husband didn’t play his role in my soul’s evolution. 

And you wouldn’t be who you are today or the beautiful person you’re in the process of becoming if it weren’t for your past either.

When the time came that I could fully understand this, I was ready to write a letter to 21-year-old me…


Sarah And Mumma


"I love you and I forgive you for being too young to navigate your way out of the abuse. At 34, I can tell you now baby girl that no one will ever again strike you in anger, and you no longer will think it’s okay to forgive and forget bruises being left on your skin. You will learn to listen to your beautiful inner guidance system and retreat in peace whenever conflict arises. Those years you spent crying on the bathroom floor or staring up at the stars in lonely desperation were all training. You were a young woman that deserved respect for not only being the mother of 2 beautiful children, but for just being you. YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE.”

If you need a moment to wipe the tears as you think of what you might say to yourself, that’s okay. And it’s perfect because as part of our journey, we’ll have the opportunity of releasing the past together. Take a moment to think of the impact embracing and releasing your past could have on you and then we will explore how….


If I can find love, then you can too

Since my first encounter with Sean, thousands of people have been watching our love story unfold – from him flying across the world to be with me, to us starting an internationally renowned publishing company, to us getting engaged, all the way to the wedding of my dreams…

We’ve been asked over and over again – how did you attract each other? What’s it like to be so blissfully in love? How can I find and experience a love like your own?

Focusing on the art of inner-love, taking a leap of faith, creating crystal clarity of the love we wanted to have in life… these are all part of the answer. But it’s only a part of the story.

So this got us thinking…

What could we share with you that could completely
transform your search for love? 


One question lead to another…

What could we do to inspire and empower people to experience the kind of love we share? 

What if we could eliminate the issues that all too often have people attracting relationships that are not fulfilling? Could we make it possible for people who have not successfully found ‘The One’ to get on the fast track for experiencing love?

We spent over 2 years trying to answer these very questions.

We analyzed how we attracted each other and what initially held us apart. Then we spoke with and studied singles from around the world, explored their deepest desires for life, love and the commonly held reasons they’re not attracting it in the first place. And finally, we took all the research and insights and created a life-changing framework for you to attract deep, profound and ever-lasting love.

Finally, we got our answer…


Introducing 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate

An online course designed to get you love-ready,
soul-sexy and joyfully prepared for the love
of your life within just 21 days.


There are thousands of dating sites and relationship advice out there, but the problem is most of them are focused on the wrong things.

Some focus on games – “Let him chase you, don’t call her back right away, act like you don’t care…”

While others focus on turning yourself into an advertisement and getting a virtual paperboy to throw flyers of you on as many doorsteps as possible – with the hope that you might get a good catch.

And even worse, most of those who teach these things don’t truly understand where you’ve come from. They haven’t experienced the loneliness, longing or sadness that you and I have both experienced. And more than likely they haven’t experienced the type of love I experience on a daily basis and can show you how to attract.

So how is 21 Days different than anything else you’ve experienced?

It’s focused on the thing that matters most of all: you!


5 things that make your experience with me, Sean and the entire 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate course unlike anything else out there.

1. Your Vibration Will Be Raised to be in perfect Alignment with The Love Of Your Dreams.

You want to experience true love. Yet you seek it from a space of incompletion. And you know this is only going to attract into your life a love that is resonant with your current vibration – one of lack. So what’s the solution? We raise your vibration by tuning-up your energetic frequency. Forget wasting your money on bad dates and matchmaking services that focus on all the wrong things. It’s time to bring true love and happiness into your daily life. We’ll focus on you and the evolution of your soul so you can attract your perfect match.

3. You Will Experience Magnifying Attraction Rituals for Creating Vibrational Alignment with The Love of Your Life 

Over the course of 21 days we’re going to take you through magnifying attraction rituals that’s going to keep you centered and focused on the vibrational love you wish to experience. Thinking about what you want is one thing. Focusing on it is another. And truly aligning yourself to attract it into your life is yet another. We’ll be taking you through over 30 exercises, rituals and techniques to attract the love you’re meant for. Think of it as your energetic and spiritual toolbox for creating and attracting your happily-ever-after.

5. We Live What We Teach and Practice the Same Rituals.

Everything Sean and I teach is connected to the same inner-work we’ve done to create lives we love and attract one another. Every day we grow and expand in consciousness together and this is an experience and process we will be passing along to you and showing you how to embrace.

2. We Will Crystallize Your Soulmate Design so you can Attract a Fulfilling Relationship. 

You’ve probably heard of vision boards and inspiration journals… and more than likely you’ve gotten clear about the kind of personality and characteristics your soulmate has. Yet that’s only 1 of 6 critical elements you should be focused on to find your perfect match. During the course we’re going to focus on crystallizing your soulmate design by honing in on the things that really matters. This way you can attract exactly what you want rather than a partner who looks good on the outside, but not much going on in the inside.

4. We Truly Care and are Actively Involved in the Soulmate Community to Answer Your Biggest Questions About Love.

Inspiring and empowering people to create a life they love is our lifeblood – our passion and purpose. In fact, our company name “Älska Publishing” is the Swedish verb, “To Love.” We are actively involved with our soulmate community and it’s not uncommon to see us connecting and answering questions for those looking to experience love.

A life filled with love is just around the corner

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Sean and I created 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate because inspiring and empowering people to create a life you love is our lifeblood. And when we were asked over and over how you could create and attract the love of your life, I knew we had to do something about it. Which is why Sean and I want to give you the opportunity to look into the future of possibility and see how you can attract the love you’ve always dreamed of.

As part of the experience we will be taking you through a 4-part love mentoring process – from how you can attract the love of your life, to discovering what’s holding you back from experiencing love now, to answering your most burning questions about love and more. Sign up in the box below and we will send you a link to part one of the experience.

After your free experience, we would be eternally grateful if you could share with us your story, as well as thoughts and feedback by emailing us at – your input will go such a beautifully long way to further improving this course in the future and we’d love to hear from you.


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Your Soulmate 
Introductory Experience 

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The Journey to Love Mentoring Session

Join us for an online mentoring session on how to attract your soulmate. You’ll get the opportunity to energetically connect with your soulmate through the true love visualization process, witness what it will be like when you’ve found the one, as well as discover the 4 biggest reasons you’re not attracting love now. 

pdf-iconEXPERIENCE 2:
The 'New Chapter' Energy Clearing Exercise

This exercise has been especially designed to clear the energy in order to move into a new and exciting phase in your life. It doesn’t matter what has happened in your past, the fact of the matter is that it’s time to move forward. So with the ‘New Chapter’ Energy Clearing Exercise you will be well on your way to creating the life you love in no time.

Your most burning questions on love and attraction answered

Have you found it difficult to attract the kind of love you want? Had negative and disempowering relationships or no love at all? Do you have trouble feeling worthy of love or wonder if it’s really possible for you to experience it? It’s time to overcome these barriers through the Q&A with our Soulmate community. Each audio is about 3 minutes and addresses these common problems.

pdf-iconEXPERIENCE 4:
A Tale of True Love

Discover how love could unfold when you do meet The One. Sean and I had no reason to think it would happen for us, and yet it did. This is our story and it will inspire you to realize that no matter what you’ve experienced and no matter where you’ve come from, you can attract the love of your life.


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